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The Speech and Learning Consulting of Cape Cod was founded in 1984 by Kathleen Florance, CCC/SLP-L, a language, learning and literacy specialist. Services include:

  • 1:1 Therapy, with parental involvement

  • Relevant Assessments and Evaluations

  • Inter-professional collaboration

  • Implementation Outreach Services

  • Workshops and Presentations

Key focus is on understanding the inter-relationships between listening, talking, reading and writing. Literacy interventions are tailored to before, during and after reading skills are acquired, with strategic writing support.
Kathleen is available to assist, to interpret and to identify solutions for language and learning disabilities and challenges.


Parentsí intuition is to be trusted.
Explore your questions in further detail.

~ Kathleen M. Florance                    



Speech & Learning Consulting
P.O. Box 827
North Falmouth, MA 02556-0827


Kathleen M. Florance, CCC/SLP-L, owner/director